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Congrats! You’ve come SO far!

Now, let’s keep it going!

You may be wondering.. What now?! 

Well, first, congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come already in the last 3 months. You should be SUPER proud of yourself!! This stuff isn’t easy! 

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    Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.


    Alumni 2.0

    $130/month insurance clients

    $450/month self-pay clients

    renewed monthly, as needed

    Two coaching calls per month 1:1 with Lexy (most clients schedule them for every other week)

    Unlimited messaging support with Lexy

    Monthly group calls with Lexy & other clients

    ♦ Private community group for community & peer support

    Quarterly BONUS Guest Experts on group calls; topics may include exercise, body image, diet culture, clothing, & the like!

    BONUS text tips and support to keep you motivated & moving forward


    Alumni 1.0

    is the same as above, but with ONE coaching call per month with Lexy instead of two. Alumni 1.0 is $90/month for insurance clients and $250/month for self-pay clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I even need to continue?

    I’ve found the best, long-lasting success with clients who slowly “graduate” after completing their initial 3 month program.

    The intense work you’ve done in the last 3 months has been, well, intense! Most of our work is about behavior change & mindset shifts which – in order to keep that forward momentum – it’s VERY helpful to keep a supportive network beyond the initial 3 months.

    And, to be honest, you’ve spent a good amount of $$ and time to get you to where you’re at now! It would stink to backslide because you went off on your own “too soon”. As we’ve discussed, it’s a toxic body/food culture out there! It’s really important to support yourself with what you need to stay successful.

    When people ask, how can I stay on this path? Continued support with Alumni 2.0 is my main suggestion for at LEAST 2-3 months after your initial program, and even after that if able!

    Is it a monthly renewal?

    Membership automatically renews on a monthly basis and you can cancel at any time if you’re feeling like you no longer need the support. (No refunds, but if you cancel before your next billing cycle than you won’t be charged for the upcoming month.)

    Can't I just pay for 1:1 sessions only as I go?

    I have found the best success when people combine 1:1 coaching with a community that supports continued learning and growth. I would be doing you a disservice by offering the option of just 1:1 coaching.