Do you want to feel better about your body?

Without changing it..

You have a purpose here on earth, and it’s definitely not to obsess over food, count calories, Google nutrition facts or fad diets, shrink your body by all means necessary and miss out on life in the process.

You CAN find body peace and a nourishing, realistic, empowering way of caring for yourself to live the life you desire and deserve! The first step is befriending your body.

Maybe you’ve heard that in order to feel better about your body you MUST change it (at all costs). But this way of thinking can cause you to diet incessantly until you die and miss out on life in the process. I promise… It doesn’t have to be this way!

Download my FREE Befriend Your Body eBook and I’ll walk you step by step through a 6-step process towards body respect. As a fierce, strong, goals-driven woman you deserve to have a better relationship with your body.

By following along with this eBook, you’ll finally be able to develop more positive body image so you can stop letting how you feel about your body hold you back from living the life you desire and deserve.

You deserve a healthy relationship with your body!

Hi, I’m Lexy. I’m a food peace dietitian, body image coach, and extreme taco lover with a passion for helping women overcome unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies so they can live the lives they desire and deserve.

I’ve helped hundreds of women unlearn arbitrary food rules, identify roadblcks to self-trust, and eliminate harmful dieting habits so they can fully trust and respect their here and now bodies and experience joy and peace around food.

In this free eBook, I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned about how to stop hating on your body so much and instead start to befriend your body.

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