You deserve a healthy relationship

with food and your body.

A Unique Approach

Let’s turn your entire view on health and wellness upside down, shall we?

This transformation is life giving. It allows you to take back your life and live 100% present and authentically, aligned with your values and what’s important to you to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

Learn how to eat intuitively, move your body in ways that feels good, and change your relationship with food and wellness forever.

Check out my signature VIP program outlined below to learn more about how you can make peace with food and build trust with your body to live the life you desire and deserve.

Are you:

  • Fed up with the stress of diets, restricting and feeling out of control with food?
  • Sick of going to Google or other people for answers on how to EAT, care for yourself or feel more comfortable in your body?
  • Ready to find a more empowering, realistic way of eating and living?
  • Excited to learn how to trust your own body, mind and spirit when it comes to making food and wellness decisions?

I can help. Here’s how…

The Peace in 3 Method™

1. Uncover

Your own food and body story to understand what’s holding you back from being your most authentic self.

2. Discover

A revolutionary approach to food and your body that is realistic, enjoyable, and empowering

3. Empower

You with the tools to find wellness without obsession and live the life you desire and deserve

Clients say…

“I am much more content in my body, even though my body hasn’t changed.” – Sarah

“I’m able to actively stop negative thoughts about my body when they come on!” – Anonymous

“I went to the beach and ate pizza and ice cream without worrying one bit! I was truly present.” – Sue

“I got an ice cream cone tonight and threw it out 1/4 the way through because I just decided I had enough.” – Rebecca

“I’m able to not feel guilty for eating out and ordering what sounds good to me, not what is ‘healthy’ or ‘diet friendly'” – Maria


“After wasting so much money and time I came to Lexy hoping she could help me. She is amazing! She has been there every step of the way with ideas, a caring ear when I was frustrated and so much encouragement. Lexy is the first person to set me on the path to better health. Lexy is knowledgable and caring. Working one on one with her, she can help guide you to feeling better and living your best life!”


“My expectations were beyond exceeded. To be honest, I expected a few affirmations and self-care tips, like treating myself to dessert now and then. What I got was so much more. My entire view on wellness, dieting, and body image was turned upside down.”


How it works


Book an intro call to see if
we’re a good fit!


Commit to finally making peace with food and building trust with your body.

Enjoy life!

Go live the life you
desire and deserve!

What does the process look like?

In your first session, we’ll talk about your relationship with food, dieting & weight history, eating patterns, and how you feel about your body. We’ll discuss your goals and uncover areas of healing that we’ll work on together.

We’ll meet once a week for 3 months for follow up sessions. Many of our sessions will include unpacking limiting beliefs, adopting more positive self-talk, developing more self-compassion and taking practical action towards self-care. We’ll check in on how you’re feeling about food and your body image and your progress on your goals. We’ll set manageable behavior changes that you can incorporate before our next call to get you closer to your goals. 

Before each follow up, you will fill out a quick check-in form online within 24 hours before each session. This allows you to track your own progress towards your goals, and allows me to see how I can best tailor our session to support you!


Monthly group calls

Join our group Zoom call once a month where we provide support, encouragement, and community. This is a place for you to interact with other like-minded women on a similar food and body image healing journey as you.


Soul work

In between sessions you will do “soul work” (kind of like homework for the soul!) which includes reading, journaling, and other exercises to encourage behavior change and promote healing.

After each session, you’ll get a recap including notes from that day’s session along with worksheets and readings as necessary to help implement your “soul work” between sessions.


Where do sessions take place?

All sessions are online via Zoom. 

Support Between Sessions

You’ll have access to me outside of our sessions via chat messaging to support you through any questions or challenges that come up. Consistent support is so important in helping you to achieve a healthier relationship with food and your body. Clients have said this is one of their favorite features of working together. 

Examples of what you may need between session communication on:

  • Navigating comments made about your body and/or your eating habits by a loved one
  • Handling a poor body image day 
  • Feeling anxious about food
  • Sharing “aha!” moments
  • Asking questions
  • Or just a cheerleader (me) in your back pocket!

Clients say…

“I have no idea how I’d survive this pandemic if I was still dieting and binge eating. Things are hard, but at least food isn’t something I’m super anxious about.” – Meghan

“I feel like my life has changed – I seriously am no longer bingeing.” – Kristin

“I’m blown away by how much the ‘food police’ were affecting my eating. It’s crazy how just asking, ‘what sounds good’ has flipped everything! I was totally judging my food choices before.” – Jess

“I’ve been working out because it feels good and because I want to get stronger! Like, the motivation has been less weight focused.” – Grace

“I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at the grocery store 2 weeks ago and STILL have it. I’ve been able to have a few bites and put it back in the freezer.” – Rebecca

“After working with Lexy, I barely think about food and my body. I’m going after a career that I’ve always dreamt of, and I can honestly say that I trust myself around food. I am no longer held back by my own limiting beliefs about food and my body. I’m ready to show up fully in my life as a whole person.”


“Lexy has helped me focus on eating mindfully and purposely. Her suggestions feel tailored to me and are manageable and realistic. As a result, I’m eating healthier, feel better, and have more energy. She is easy to talk to, very responsive and I really like her laid back but real approach to nutrition.”


Books mailed to your doorstep

I send you books right to your doorstep! This is to help you learn, unlearn and process concepts and principles we discuss during sessions.

Some books I commonly send to clients include (but not limited to!) (These are amazon links, just for ease of you reading more about each book description!)

Peace In 3 Method™ eBook created by Lexy, specifically for you!

A workbook with journal prompts designed to transform your relationship with food, your body and health; grocery shopping/meal prep organizer; grocery list; over 30 meal/snack ideas; and more!

Food and Lifestyle Feedback

I may have you use an electronic Food and Mood Journal which allows you to upload pictures of your food (only if this is helpful) and rate hunger, fullness, emotion, and more. When you’re asked to complete journal entries, I will review it and provide you additional feedback and support between sessions.

Please keep in mind that any resources utilized in your plan are completely customized to your individual needs and preferences.

“I could not recommend Lexy enough… I was really struggling to get back to feeling my best after my second baby and she saved me! Because of her guidance, I now feel like I have the knowledge about my own body to refocus on my nutrition after getting off track.

Lexy is so knowledgeable and lovely to work with. It is obvious that she is passionate about helping other people feel their best. There is so much information floating around on the internet, social media, etc. and I was overwhelmed about what to do.

The plan Lexy came up with for me was not only to change the way I was eating, but also to remember to take time for myself and establish a regular exercise routine. I have SO much more energy, and feel great about what I am eating and how my body feels! I am able to be a better version of myself with my two little girls and husband because I’ve taken the time to take care of myself. Making my appointment was truly the best gift I could have given myself.

She checks in frequently and really makes you feel like a priority. Long story short, do yourself a favor and work with Lexy!”


“One of the first tools Lexy guided me with was relearning how to listen to my body. I had been ignoring my body and it’s signals for years by obsessing over my weight, body, calorie counting apps, and being on diets. Through working with Lexy I have learned to enjoy, appreciate and respect my body. There is no longer good or bad foods, or good or bad body size. I can’t believe how much working with Lexy has changed my life.

She offers unrivaled compassion, empathy, awareness and humor. She individualizes her approach to your needs and focuses on creating a lifestyle that works for you. Lexy has changed my life and I feel privileged to work with someone who has made such an impact!”


Program Summary

♦ Weekly coaching calls 1:1 with Lexy

♦ Messaging support between sessions with Lexy

♦ Monthly group calls with Lexy & other clients

♦ Private community group for community & peer support

♦ Peace in 3 Method ™ workbook

♦ Books mailed right to you

♦ Personalized food & lifestyle feedback

♦ Self-care kit – a gift from me to you!

♦ Quarterly BONUS Guest Experts on group calls

♦ BONUS text check-ins to keep you motivated & moving forward

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do just individual sessions?

I have found the most effective format for getting clients the best results is the full signature program that I offer, described above. I want to help achieve lasting recovery and wellness and the best way to do that is having multiple means of support, growth, and healing methods along the way. 

Through the years, I’ve found the above model to allow for more rapid, effective, meaningful growth. Instead of spending years waiting for results, my clients experience profound transformations in 3 months. If you are absolutely unable to invest in the full program, let me know and we can discuss other support options. 

But I still want to lose weight, is that okay?

However you feel about your body is totally okay. I’m here to validate however you’re feeling first and foremost! Bodies, health, body image, weight, and food can be pretty complicated but I hope to clear up some of the confusion for you and help you find a relationship with food, your body and wellness that’s empowering, uplifting, realistic, and life-giving.

Many of my clients have a desire for weight loss at the beginning of our work together. It makes perfect sense considering we live in a society that glorifies weight loss at all costs. In my experience, focusing on weight loss primarily does not help contribute to a healthier or happier life overall. I realize this is a somewhat controversial “hot take” which is why I broke it all down in this blog post.

We will thoroughly discuss your desire for weight loss. Then, we’ll work to untangle your weight from your worth/value/happiness/health and as I like to say “turn down the volume” on the importance of what your body looks like, and turn up the volume on respecting your body regardless of it’s size. 

In my work with clients, we focus on prioritizing a healthy relationship with food, body, and exercise, and developing more positive body image alongside that in order to find a wellness path that’s realistic, fulfilling, empowering, and balanced.

You may lose, gain, or stay the same as a result of this approach and I cannot promise what will happen with your particular body. If you desire weight loss no matter what, then I would not be a great fit for you.

What happens after the 3 month program?

After your 3 month program, we will decide what support should look like based on how you’re feeling and where you’re at in your journey. 

I've done a LOT of programs, how is yours different?

A bunch of reasons but here are the top 3..

1.) I won’t tell you what to eat. Most programs, plans and other providers will give generic lists of what to eat/not eat which I believe is harmful and does nothing but create a chaotic, restrictive, confusing relationship with food. Instead, I’ll help you learn how, what, when, and why to eat based on YOUR unique individual mental, emotional, and physical needs. 

2.) Many programs and providers don’t do the work with you to actually heal your relationship with food and your body. Rather than a band-aid quick fix, we uncover the “why” behind your behaviors and thought patterns towards food and your body image to create a healthier, more positive relationship unique to YOU. 

3.) Pretty much every support touch point is covered: comprehensive weekly sessions 1:1, messaging between sessions, group/community support, journaling, reading, videos, podcasts, and more to make sure you feel totally supported from all angles.