What clients say…

Working with Lexy is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Thinking back on how much my relationship has changed with food and my body since working together is absolutely wild. Not only had I been restricting food and overexercising for years, but my dissatisfaction towards my body and the negative self talk I did on the daily limited me from fully experiencing so many things in my life.

Lexy taught me how to open my eyes and experience a life I wasn’t fully living. No longer do I obsess over my body, restrict foods I used to deem as “bad” or “scary,” and follow rigid restrictive diets. Instead, I eat intuitively, move in a way that feels good for my body, and appreciate the many things my body does for me. I could go on and on, but what I mean to say is that my relationship with food and wellness has changed forever.

Lexy has truly helped me to learn how to not only trust myself, but love myself. She has changed my life and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her!

Mallory, Student, Fave food: Nutella

Working with Lexy has not only improved my relationship with food and my body but has completely transformed my life.

Before working with Lexy I felt controlled by food. Everything I did was in service of losing weight and dieting. I was constantly dieting and was afraid to eat. Now I feel at peace with my body no matter what size I am and not controlled by food and thoughts of dieting. I have learned to honor what my body needs in the present moment and to listen and voice what I need to make my body feel great. 

I feel like a more whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Lexy helped me find my “sparkle” and passion for life again – I am forever grateful.


Now I barely think about food and body, I’m going after a career that I’ve always dreamt of, and I can honestly say that I trust myself around food.

When we met it was the middle of a pandemic, and I needed MAJOR support. Lexy became a coach, friend, and a support system all wrapped in one. She holds the space for me to be vulnerable and tell the truth about how I’m feeling. I was able to tell her about my wins and my challenges and she held my hand through them.

Lexy’s messaging support came in clutch in so many moments where I just needed to know I wasn’t facing it alone, and she cheered me on when I needed someone to! Over time, her encouragement became something I could hear in my head – asking myself “what would Lexy say if I texted her?” empowered me to listen to my own inner voice when it came to those tough moments where I wanted to restrict, or binge, or hate on my body.

I came to Lexy because I wanted to work with someone who understood that I am not just a person struggling with food and body image issues but am a whole person, and we would need to treat the whole person – and thats what I found.

The message was always gentleness and patience. Lexy’s work turned me toward myself and helped me to trust myself. I am no longer held back by my own limiting beliefs about food and body. I’m ready to show up fully in my life as a whole person.

Maria, Student

As a life long fat girl, I am generally very cautious of thin privileged folks who do work around intuitive eating and body image.

But, I cannot recommend Lexy enough! She is a knowledgable, passionate, and deeply empathetic practitioner and overall, lovely human being. As I’ve worked towards healing my relationship with food and my body, she has provided me invaluable resources and ongoing support. She has truly encouraged me to be my best, most authentic self, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I had weight loss surgery nearly two years prior and found myself struggling with increasingly disordered eating and terrible body image. I felt a lot of shame and internalized fat phobia around body, which had changed over the course of the pandemic. I felt I was at a crossroads – either I heal my relationship with myself or I continue to cause myself harm with diet culture.

I am honestly surprised at how much progress I’ve made in the short time we’ve worked together. My relationship to food, movement, and my body is the healthiest it has ever been in my adult life. I have developed a stronger felt sense of body trust. I regularly practice intuitive eating and movement. I no longer measure my value or self worth by my weight or body size. Your support through this process has been invaluable.

Melissa, Professor, Fave food: anything breakfast or brunch

Lexy is obviously an incredibly accomplished and respected professional in her field, but to me, this sounds so cheesy, but she is just a great friend who always checks in and always listens.

I’m sure there are tons of people who would say that Lexy changed their life, but I would say she actually saved mine. She would never take credit for that and would force me to say I did it all, but I know that all I did was make the first call and commit to the process, and from there, she pulled me out of the darkest time in my life to not only just feeling ok, but feeling better than I have in probably over 10 years.

Lexy helped me understand that any food isn’t inherently bad, nor is it inherently good either. Now, I see food as just another object in the room. It’s a pretty neutral approach, that’s there if I need it, and if I don’t need it right now, it will be there when that time comes. Lexy called this the “grey” area. Along with my new approach towards food, is a newfound lifestyle of exercising, and food is actually a huge part of that.

I always saw food as bad, or something that would prevent me from exercising, but Lexy helped me understand that it is actually necessary to provide energy to get through anything, especially a workout. I used to think in black or white, cheat days or not, all in or starvation, but now I live in the grey area, where any food is available at any time, I just take a pause to check in with my body before eating: Do I want this? Do I even like this? What does my body need right now?

Brendan, Proud Dog Dad

I can’t put into words how much Lexy has helped me; she truly has changed my life!!!!!

Her passion for this work is so inspiring and made me trust her so much. Her ability to read between the lines of what I was saying was so comforting and insanely helpful. She was so validating of literally everything I talked about, which made the healing process feel much less scary. Everyone needs to work with Lexy!!!!!


Sara, Home Decor Specialist

Lexy will show you that the power to love and embrace your body was within you along.

I’ve learned to listen to my body and that movement and exercise come in different forms. Knowledge about your body what it likes/dislikes and what it can do is necessary to live a fulfilling life.



My expectations were beyond exceeded.

To be honest, I expected a few affirmations and self-care tips, like treating myself to dessert now and then. What I got was so much more. My entire view on wellness/dieting/body image was turned upside down. First, Lexy explained the messages that I was receiving from social media and broader societal advertising. Then she sent me incredible books to read.

From there, we used our weekly sessions to first dig into how diet culture was shaping how I viewed myself and how it was limiting the ways that I “showed up” in the world. As I let go of my black/white thinking and began to focus on how my body felt, I felt more comfortable letting go of the “magic number”. I started to appreciate my body for what it was doing for me. As I continued to focus on this new way of “being” my old thoughts about my body quickly fell away. The theories of intuitive eating + exercise are especially helpful to me and play a big role in my life today. I honestly didn’t know life could feel this good!


Sue, Healthcare and Aspiring Yoga Teacher

Before I started working with Lexy, I had spent years cycling through diets and phases of binge eating.

When I finally reached out to Lexy, I was weighing myself several times per day and had a lot of anxiety related to food. Over the past few years, Lexy has helped me untangle my relationship with food and find an intuitive way of eating that works for me. She’s also helped me find peace with exercise: before, exercise was something I did because I hated my body, but now I exercise because I love the energy and strength it gives me. Through it all, Lexy has been supportive, patient, and understanding and has encouraged me to be the healthiest version of myself, which includes eating pizza without the guilt :). I am grateful Lexy guided me on this journey to true wellness! 

Jess, Healthcare

It is difficult to put into words how Lexy has helped me, what she’s taught me, and the tools she’s equipped me with.

I have learned to enjoy and appreciate my body, give back to it through different types of exercise, meditation, nourish it in different ways. There is no longer good or bad foods, good or bad weights, the scale is irrelevant to me. I focus on feeling healthy, understanding what triggers me emotionally and how to respond and accept and engage with myself. Lexy always says it’s hard to be healthy in a society that is still so sick. And it’s true. It can be overwhelming to be bombarded with idealistic images of women, beauty and bodies that are impossible to recreate that focus purely on the physicality. But what Lexy has taught me is what to focus on and how to define health and wellness for me. I can’t believe how much seeing her has changed my life.

I think everyone deserves to see Lexy and learn with and through her. She offers unrivaled compassion, empathy, awareness, perspective and humor. She approaches her work with acceptance and open arms, and has a patience and desire to understand you as a person. She individualizes her approach to your needs and really focuses on creating a lifestyle that works for you.

Lexy has changed my life and I feel privileged to work with someone who has made such an impact. I realize now writing this review that I haven’t properly thanked Lexy enough because she hasn’t just changed how I eat, work out, etc. but really what she’s done is changed how I feel and how fulfilled I am and happy with myself. It’s an incredible feeling and milestone in my life.


I came to Lexy after dealing with body & food issues my entire life.

I finally reached a point where I knew I couldn’t keep cycling through the extreme ups and downs for the rest of my life, so I needed to do something. In addition, I wanted to break this cycle for my kids and model a healthy relationship with food. Lexy took the time to listen & get to know me, but was also able to cut to the core of my issues quickly. Every time I’d get a little stuck, or not know how to deal with a part of this complicated issue, she’d point me in a helpful direction and send useful resources.

In the few months we worked together I’ve been able to change the way I see myself, my body and food. I now aim for wellness and health rather than weight loss by any means. I don’t feel powerless and at war with my body anymore, instead I’ve found some peace and acceptance. Lexy has set me up with an arsenal of tools at my disposal to help deal with the challenges I’ll continue to face going forward.

I can’t thank Lexy enough for helping me work through this transition, I truly don’t think I could have done it without her!

Cassie, Proud Mom of Two Kids

Lexy has genuinely changed my life.

I thought, for the rest of my life, that I was just going to fear foods and never feel genuinely comfortable with my body. Through my work with Lexy, I’ve learned to uncover the roots of my negative self image and consequential disordered eating. Lexy has provided me with all the tools to find peace with and to cultivate a healthy relationship with food, and find gratitude for my physical self and genuinely value all that my body does, rather than hyper-focusing on the external shell.

When I started working with Lexy, I was experiencing debilitating anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed with a “there’s not enough time for everything I need and want to do” mindset – I’ve been able to free up so much mental space AND physical time that was wasted on negative thought patterns, and learn to be more present.

I’ve been able to create space for and live by my values in life, thanks to Lexy!

Ariana, Yoga Teacher

Before working with Lexy I would look at a food and only see calories. I would look at my body and only be able to point out its flaws and would have no problem punishing it through excessive exercise and restriction. I spent so much time and energy focused on the negatives that I completely disregarded the positives.

Now, instead of looking at a banana and seeing 105 calories I see a piece of fruit that has carbs to fuel my brain and muscles during workouts, and a load of nutrients to keep my body balanced and functioning.

Lexy is able to truly personalize methods on a client by client basis. It’s not a cookie cutter journey even though there are many like minded people that struggle with food. It was very helpful to find methods and tools that worked especially well for me and then focus on practicing those.

Colleen, Research, Fave food: turkey club