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I can’t wait to start our work together!

Here you will find a summary of most of the basic information regarding our collaboration as well as answers to some of the common questions I get from new clients. If you have any questions about something you read here, you can email me at lexy@lexypenney.com

  • After each session, you’ll get a recap including notes from that day’s session along with worksheets and readings as appropriate to help implement our work between sessions as appropriate.

  • You are encouraged to do some “soul work” in between our sessions together which includes reading, journaling, and other exercises to encourage behavior change and promote healing. The clients who have had the best results have utilized all features of the program to their utmost ability including reading the recommended books, completing the journal exercises, and reaching out between sessions for support. 

  • I may have you use an online journal function which allows you to upload pictures of your food (only if this is helpful) and rate hunger, fullness, emotion, and more. When you’re asked to complete journal entries, I will review it and provide you additional feedback and support between sessions.


  • All sessions are online via Zoom. You can read more about getting your computer, phone or tablet setup here

Download the Practice Better app for mobile devices here. You will use the app for between-session support messaging and for our video sessions, if you’d like.

Availability & Messaging Support

  • It works best if we keep all our communications through Practice Better messaging. If you are having trouble with Practice Better and need to reach me, you can contact me via email at lexy@lexypenney.com
  • I will respond to messages Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-5pm. You can message me outside those days/times but can expect a response during my next work day.

I highly encourage communication between sessions. Here are some examples of things you may need between-session support about: Navigating comments made about your body and/or your eating habits by a loved one, handling a bad body image day, preparing for a meal out or handling an unexpected food situation, or feeling anxious around food choices either alone or with others.

Reading and Content

  • You will receive a PDF copy of the eBook in your documents on the Better portal as well as access to the e-course. You can either print the eBook out to write directly in it or access the eBook on your device and use a notebook or notes app to record your answers to the questions. 
  • I’ll send you a maximum of three books during our three months working together. Remember, clients who report the best success from my program are the ones who take full advantage of all the resources I provide them and fully commit to spending time outside our sessions doing the “soul work.”


  • If you need to change an upcoming appointment, you can cancel or reschedule it by following the instructions listed here. Please email admin@lexypenney.com with any questions. 
  • Appointments start on time. If you are running late, the appointment length will be shortened so that we can remain on schedule, or if you have not shown up within 15 minutes we will reschedule the session. 


  • Join our once a month group Zoom calls with other current and past clients in an effort to provide a space for community. Go here to signup.

I am looking forward to getting started on this journey with you! 


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