So first of all, this post shouldn’t even be necessary.

You should be able to go to your doctor, tell them you’ve been having headaches (or back aches, or broke your foot, or skin issues or WHATEVER) and not have it blamed on your weight.

You shouldn’t be afraid to go to the doctor for fear of them giving you shit about your BMI (which is bullshit anyways.)

Your doctor/dietitian/health coach/therapist/etc work for YOU. Which means, if they’re making you feel like shit and not SUPPORTING your wellness journey and overall health, they need to know it!

Providing shame-free, uplifting, trauma informed healthcare *should* be the norm but unfortunately (at least here in the US) it’s not. Most of my clients, friends, family, and followers on social media tell me absolute horror stories of experiences they’ve had at the doctor where their concerns have been dismissed and they’ve left the visit with zero solutions for their problems and instead are given absurd diet suggestions to lose weight (i’m looking at you, doctors who prescribe keto – ugh!)

One of my clients said, “It felt like my doctor was prescribing me an eating disorder. Because I’m in a larger body he had no problem suggesting really unhealthy things around food. I can imagine that if I were in a smaller body, he’d be admitting me to an eating disorder center for engaging in those behaviors.”

Not. Cool.

If you’re a client of mine, I’m more than happy to call your doctor or other healthcare provider on your behalf and have these conversations with them about the importance of providing validating, evidence based, shame-free healthcare in support of your well being.

But whether your a client or not, I want you to be equipped with some helpful phrases and a letter you can send to your healthcare provider before your appointment explaining what may be too difficult to explain during session.

That’s why i’ve created TWO downloads for you. One is a letter to send to your healthcare provider(s) and one is a list of helpful phrases to use at the dr’s office. Enter your email below and click “Download Now!” to grab your free copies.

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