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Wellness without obsession

I help you make peace with food and learn to respect and care for your body so you can live the life you desire and deserve. 

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Just imagine what you could do with all the time, energy, and brain space you’re spending obsessing over food and your body.

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Now I barely think about food and my body, I’m going after a career that I’ve always dreamt of, and I can honestly say that I trust myself around food.

I am no longer held back by my own limiting beliefs about food and my body. I’m ready to show up fully in my life as a whole person.

Maria B


Do you:

    • Feel like thoughts about food and your body are controlling your life?
    • Miss out on life because of how you feel about your body?
    • Feel like you can’t trust yourself with food?
    • Try diet after diet hoping something will eventually “work” and become disappointed when it doesn’t?
    • Go back and forth between phases of restriction and then bingeing/overeating?
    • Have a desire for more out of life but feel your relationship with food and your body is holding you back?

    Imagine if you could:

    • Make peace with food and eat in a more nourishing, joyful, empowering way
    • Learn how to trust your OWN body and mind when it comes to making food and wellness decisions
    • Pursue wellness in line with what’s important to you, and without the obsession
    • Challenge the belief that your worth/value/happiness is based on what your body looks like
    • Learn how to care for your body in a respectful, kind, realistic and empowering way
    • Stop obsessing over food and your body so you can focus on more important things in life

    A Unique Approach

    This isn’t your typical nutrition coaching program. Most dietitians and nutritionists will meet with you and just talk about food.

    In my experience, this isn’t enough. With my approach, although we do talk about food, we do WAY more than that.

    We’ll talk self-care, coping skills, mental health, exercise, sleep, boundaries, and more to create a real mindset shift that serves you.

    I’ll help you understand your relationship with food and your body, how it’s holding you back, and how to design a path to wellness that helps you live your happiest, healthiest most authentic life.

    In addition to 1:1 sessions, I offer a complete, comprehensive, 100% support from all angles program so that you can get healthier and happier as quickly as possible and not waste any more of your precious time.

    Check out the details of the VIP program I offer by clicking here.

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    Named one of the top dietitians in Boston by Boston Magazine

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    *in network insurance may be billed for a portion of the signature, comprehensive VIP program

    Life is too short to measure peanut butter.

    We each have a purpose here on earth, and it’s not to obsess over food, count calories, Google nutrition facts or fad diets, shrink our bodies by all means necessary and miss out on life in the process.

    When you find peace with food and your body, you’re able to carry out your true life’s purpose, find happiness, and do what you love.

    When we work together, you’ll receive the tools you need to achieve a higher quality, nourishing and realistic way of eating and caring for yourself. You will feel empowered in your decisions about food and your body to live your best life. 

    With 10 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I’ve helped hundreds of women unlearn arbitrary food rules, identify roadblocks to self-trust, and eliminate harmful dieting habits so they can fully trust and respect their body and experience joy and peace around food.

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    Discover a new path to true wellness

    I’m guessing you’re here because a lifetime of dieting and obsessing over your body has not served you well, and maybe even made things worse. Rather than a band-aid quick fix (ahem – fad diets), let’s actually dig deep to develop a healthy, empowering, joyful, balanced relationship with food and your body, once and for all.

    In our work together, we will…

    1.) Uncover your “how” (how you got here – aka your food & body story)

    2.) Discover a new mindset (it involves eating ALL foods and NOT hating on your body)

    3.) Empower you to create a self-care-filled wellness path based on what’s important to YOU.

    We’ll focus on creating sustainable, healthy habits and building positive lifestyle changes and behaviors that leave you feeling empowered in your body and health. Clients describe the process as liberating, freeing, refreshing, and life-giving.

    “Before I started working with Lexy, I had spent years cycling through diets and phases of binge eating. I was weighing myself several times per day and had a lot of anxiety related to food. Lexy has helped me untangle my relationship with food and find an intuitive way of eating that works for me.

    Through it all, Lexy has been supportive, patient, understanding and has encouraged me to be the healthiest version of myself, which includes eating pizza without guilt. I am grateful Lexy guided me on this journey to TRUE wellness!”

    Jess H, mom of two fur babies


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